Annual Report 2019

Although the organisation has grown considerably, the ethos and values of Ikamva Labantu remain rooted in human rights and dignity for all.

Ishrene Davids, General Manager

Early childhood development

Seniors Programmes

We are proud to work towards 4 of the global Sustainable Development Goal’s:

Message from leadership


Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Practitioner Training

Kwakhanya Early Childhood Learning Centre continues to serve as a one-of-a-kind training facility for community practitioners. Here, they have the space and support to hone their practical teaching skills in a real classroom environment, while receiving mentorship from seasoned practitioners.

Although the curriculum covers ages 0-5 years, a unique aspect of this programme is the inclusion of a training module that focuses on the development of babies. There is a dire lack of resources available to practitioners who care for babies, despite it being widely recognised that the first two years of a child’s life are crucial for social, educational and emotional development.

Practitioners are trained in simple activities that foster the development of communication skills for babies. The introduction of ‘lap-time’ ensures that appropriate learning techniques are used to help the babies develop language and communication skills, such as eye contact, anticipation (learnt through games such a peek-a-boo), and listening and engaging with others.


The ECD Principals and Practitioners graduated from their respective training programmes after much hard work and dedication. They have since taken all their learnings and experience back to their own community preschools, where they work to uplift their communities every day. Congratulations to all our graduates!

In February this year we welcomed a new cohort of trainees who have embarked on the Ikamva Labantu Learning Programme.

Kwakhanya Educare gains a new principal

In 2018, our Kwakhanya Educare Preschool welcomed a new Principal. Andiswa Mfengwana joined our ranks in 2012 as a pre-school practitioner. The love and passion that Andiswa has for children is evident in her work ethic and she has already blossomed in her new role as Principal. We know that the staff and children at Kwakhanya will continue to flourish under her leadership.

“I enjoy mentoring aspiring practitioners; I want to set a good example for them because I know that it’s not only about the practitioners themselves, but also the hundreds of children that they work with.”

Older persons


I do feel scared at home. On pension days it is easy for us to become victims. One of the old ladies, my neighbour, was killed in her house on pension day.

“At the weekend, I find it hard to sleep because I am scared people can break in through the windows. My only wish before I die is to get burglar bars on my windows and doors. I asked the local welders to help me and they told me how much it would cost. It is too much money for me to take from my pension but I will save R200 a month until I have enough.”

Mandisa Velem

Ikamva Labantu’s fieldworkers walk door-to-door throughout Cape Town’s townships, looking for senior citizens in need. We call these fieldworkers ‘Umelwanes’, which means ‘neighbourhood friend’ in isiXhosa. The Umelwane initiative is an extension of the Seniors' Programme that provides home-based care to frail older persons. These interventions improve the health of older persons to the extent that they are able to leave their homes and join their peers at an Ikamva Labantu senior club.

Read more about the Umelwane project here.


Senior Clubs

In October, Truworths Community Foundation donated R1.5 million to assist with the upgrading and refurbishment of 11 senior clubs, where older persons in need access essential services and support.

Two clubs have since been completed, creating brighter, safer and more functional spaces for the club members to enjoy. Importantly, they have also brought the clubs into compliance with the minimum norms and standards required by the Department of Social Development (DSD). This allows each club to maintain their monthly subsidy from DSD – a critical source of income. We look forward to continuing with this project and completing the remaining renovations.


Renovations of Laphumilanga Club in Dunoon were completed in February, in partnership with the French Embassy in South Africa. We launched the opening of the new club with festivities and were joined by Christophe Farnaud, the then French Ambassador to South Africa, who has been a true supporter of Ikamva Labantu's work with older persons during his time in office.

Ikhaya Labantu

Ikhaya Labantu is a frail care facility in Langa that cares for people with severe disabilities and older persons in need. We have worked closely with staff at the facility for many years and have recently come on board to assist them with renovations. In order to continue providing vital services to their residents, numerous upgrades to the facility are needed. This includes electrical and plumbing work, as well as upgrades to dormitories and structural elements. With these building upgrades, Ikhaya Labantu can achieve registration with DSD and access a government subsidy. In addition to the renovations, we are also assisting with upskilling and capacity building. This involves training and educating staff in best practice caregiving and providing administrative support to management.

Awareness and advocacy work

Ikamva Labantu’s Founder and Honorary President, Helen Lieberman, wrote about the indignity of ageing in poverty and the role that NGOs, government and the private sector play in overcoming this social ill.

Read Helen’s thoughts here.

Alongside Helen, Lulama Sigasana (Programme Manager: Seniors) spoke to Cape Talk’s Pippa Hudson on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Listen to the interview here.


Many of the older persons that we work with have suffered various forms of trauma in their lives, and are victims of financial, emotional or physical elder abuse. Due to the frequency of these reports, we introduced Elder Abuse Awareness workshops at each of our 19 Senior Clubs. Headed up by our Social Workers, these workshops sought to offer participants a place of safety to talk through and cope with life’s challenges. They also served as a stepping stone for participants to seek out individual counselling sessions to help them deal with past traumas.

Following these workshops, we found that participants were more comfortable reporting personal challenges, allowing our staff to offer the necessary care and support.


Children have the right to be safe and supported throughout their school years. Sadly, life in Cape Town’s townships doesn’t always allow for this. Most schools lack extracurricular activities and aftercare facilities, and many parents only return from work late in the evening. As a result, when the school day is over, children are often left to play in the streets unsupervised. This time on the streets increases exposure to the dangers of violence, crime, gangsterism and drugs.

Growing up amid these circumstances can stifle a child’s ability to grow and thrive. Places of safety are essential for protecting children from the surrounding dangers and giving them a space to feel cared for and loved.

The Afternoon Angels programme was started by a group of 56 women from Cape Town’s townships as a response to this issue. These women have opened their homes to 1,532 local children to provide a place of safety where they can receive a nutritious meal, emotional support, and a space to play in the afternoons.

Ikamva Labantu is proud to support this community initiative.

Walking bus

In Delft and Wesbank, where gangsterism is rife, children are often scared to walk to school for fear of gun violence. In response, community members have come together to take their children’s safety into their own hands. Each morning, a group of adults create a ‘walking bus’. With reflective vests on, they surround schoolchildren from the neighbourhood to create a protective barrier between them and the violence of the streets. Guarded by parents, aunts, uncles and neighbours, the children are able to walk to school without fear, embraced by the safety of their community.

We now hope to replicate the walking bus initiative throughout our Afternoon Angels groups in the hope of keeping children safe as they journey to and from school.

Ikamva Labantu provided self-defence training to the walking bus members in Gugulethu. And with your help, we hope to replicate the walking bus initiative throughout our Afternoon Angels groups in the hope of keeping children safe as they journey to and from school.


Fundraising dinner

In October, we celebrated Cape Town's elderly citizens at a fundraising event for our Seniors' Programme. The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the strength and resilience of our elders, whilst highlighting the many challenges that they face today.

The night was full of music, storytelling and conversation and we were delighted to host Judge Dennis Davis as the keynote speaker.

We are grateful to all who gave on the evening. The R153,300 raised will go far in providing care, companionship, and support to over 1,000 senior citizens in Cape Town's townships.

Women’s Charter Review Conference

Representatives from Ikamva Labantu were invited to participate in the Women’s Charter Review Conference held in Parliament. As members of civil society, we were grateful to be able to contribute to this forum, which reviews progress made since the adoption of the Women’s Charter and discusses a path forward for South Africa’s women.

Recognising Human Rights Abuses

On Human Rights Day, we partnered with the South African Human Rights Commission, that has been educating our fieldworkers on human rights issues and violations of these rights. Being able to identify and respond to human rights abuses among older persons and children is essential to the work of Ikamva Labantu’s fieldworkers.



Ikamva Labantu is deeply grateful to the following individuals, businesses and foundations who made donations between March 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019.

You are integral to Ikamva Labantu’s success!

Abe and Lily Swersky Charitable Trust

Adam Pertofsky

Adrian and Liz Botha

Adrienne and Brad Altman

Alexander Waibel

Allan Karan and Lynne Dolle

Allan Reich

Allen and Eleanor Avrutin

Amanda and Mark Herson

Amazon Smile

Ana Karchmer

Andre van der Kouwe

Andrea Steer

Anette Rhudin

Angie Lumgair

Anita Gram

Ann Hess and Errol Norwitz

Ann Silverman

Anna Östlund

Annelie Maré

Antonella Stromberg

Arlene Foundation

Armand Andreassian

Asa Waldenström

Astra Centre

Avin Lieberman

B Van Leeuwen

Barbara A Burg and Priscilla A Golding

Barbara Appel

Barbara Wolf

Barbie Golan

Barry Pogrund

Barry and Regan Stein

Belinda Oosthuizen

Benevity Fund

Bernard Osrin

Bernie Greenberg

Black Sash

Bobby and Ellen Eisenberg

Bowman Selig Families Charitable Trust

Brian Pomerantz

Brittany Houston

Bruce Boucher

C Aaron

Calvin Trillin

Cape Union Mart

Carl Matseke

Carl Snitcher

Carol Green and Andrew Levine

Caroline Michel

Carys Bailey

Catherine Faulks

Catherine Harris

Cedric Sasman

Cedric Suzman

Celerity Systems (Pty) Ltd

Celia Holdings Inc.

Charisse Nel

Charities Advisory Trust

Cheryl Haefle

Children of the Universe Foundation

Christine Mutnikas

Cindy Marshall

Claudia Marcus

Clive Smith

Cohen Charitable Trust

Colleen Jackson

Colleen McCreadie

Community Chest

Dani Cohen

Daniel Rothstein

David Francis

David Graaff Foundation

David Mills and RL Spellman

David Ringrose

David Samuels

Dean Solomon

Debbie Flaks

Deborah Compton

Debra Aurich

Desmond Kaplan

Donald Francis Donovan

Dorrit Ger

Dudu Makhari

Durbell Pharmacies

Elizabeth Moodlie

Eileen E Schwartz

Elana Castle and Grant Smuts

Elena Padovano

Elisabeth Gurthrie and Stanley Yankelowitz

Elyse and Abe Alperstein

Emilie Cozzi

Erika Persson

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham

Felicity and Stanley Schwartz

Flavia Ricci

Fred and Lesley Israel

Friends of Ikamva Labantu USA

Gail La Vita

Garth Johnson

Gavin Maskell

Gavin Mohammed

Gavin Norwitz

Gemma Cowan

Gertrude Ahlqvist

GML Sustan

Goldberg Fur Charitable Fund

Goldman Sachs Gives

Greymatter & Finch

Harriet Finck

Hayley Longley

Helen and Michael Lieberman

Helen Drabbe

Helene Weitzenkorn

Henry Payne

Hernan Gutierrez

Hester Klopper

Holly Humphreys

Huguenot Investment (Pty) Ltd

Ikamva Labantu Empowerment Trust

Ilana Gordon

Ilana Shone

Ina Voloshin

Industrial & Domestic Building Projects

Ingenuity Property Investments Ltd

Investec Bank Limited

Irene Mittan

Isakow Foundation

Ishrene Davids

Israel Fridman

Itec SA (Pty) Ltd

Jacob and Lindsay Lief

Jael Hoin

James and Marion Verdick

Jami Johnson

Jamie Lipskin

Jan and Nikkie Zut

Janine Glanz

Janis Edinburg

Jason Eaglestone

Jean Kilbourne

Jeanette Kruger

Jeanne and David Martowski

Jennifer Preiss

Jennifer Shaoul

Jenny Botha

Jill Rabinowitz and Lawrence Gerstley

Jill Sasloff

Joan Butler

Joan Gillian

Joan St Leger Lindbergh Charitable Trust

Joann Lang

Joel Gershenfeld

John H Gusmer Survivors Trust

Join the Dots

Jonathan and Vivienne Basckin

Jonathan Puskas

Joseph H. & Reva Engel Foundation

Joseph Ross

Josephine McCLellan

Jovana Djeri

Judith and James Milne

Judy Katz

Julia Flaks

Julian Kesler

Karen Kramer

Karin Miller

Kate Murphy

Katherine Schwartz

Kathryn Grody and Mandy Patinkin

Kay Khan

Kirsh Foundation Holdings

Laura Liebstaedter

Lauren Gillis

Leah Mundell

Lee Watson

Leesa Suzman

Leo and Patricia Fine Foundation

Lillian Sober-Ain

Linda Daniels

Lisa van Wyk

Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust

Louise and Risto Silander

Lyndall Gordon

Mai Family Foundation

Marc Handler

Marc Sternberg

Marc Strigel

Margaret Beal

Margaretha Kvarnstrom

Margie Birnbaum

Margie Kenworthy

Maria and Niclas Matseke

Maria Marina Foundation

Maria Rundqvist

Martin Kingston

Martin Nicol

Mary Hlalele

Melissa de Kock

Melvin Hendricks

Merle and Selwyn Furman

Michael Finger

Michael Voss

Michele Guttler

Miranda Bloch

Mirjam Johansson

Molly Pankhurst

Morningstar-Kruger Family Fund

Mpho Hlalele

Muir de Wet


My School My Village My Plannet

Nadeemah Dawray

Nancy Donald

Nancy Karp

Nandos Services

Natalie Barnett

Natalie Popper

Neville Frankel

Nikki Paige

Old Mutual Staff Volunteer Fund Trust

Palmetto Project

Pam Gennert

Pam Parkin

Pascale and Richard Berner

Patrick Naidoo

Pauline Friedman

Peter Mitchell

Peter Theron

Philip Krawitz

Philip Morris South Africa (PTY) Ltd

PJ O'Connell

Priscilla Golding

Rachel Oberstein

Ralph Roseman

Reine Flodin

Relate Trust


Renee Bishop

Reunert Limited

Reverend Lynn Gladstone Fund

Rick Lee

Robert and Marilyn Mazur

Robert Anderson

Robert Shwartz

Robyn Minnie

Rochelle G Ruthchild

Roland Beck

Rolene Miller

Ronnie and Lorna Diamond

Russel and Jean Endres

Sarah Scarth

Schonberger Family Foundation

Shannon Norwitz

Sharon Lomofsky

Sharon Rich

Sharon Venn

Shirin Stein

Shirley Tamaris

Signature Flight Support

Sigrid Rausing Trust

Spark ATM Systems

Stacie Stender

Starfish Greathearts Foundation USA

Stephen and Susan Wagner

Stichting Elf

Stichting Vogelgezang

Sue and Bernard Pucker

Sue and Tom Tweeddale

Sunset Pharmacy

Susan Farrell

Susan Gershenfeld

Susan Olson

Sven Kamer

Sylvie Foulds

Taylor Incorporated

Tessa Gordon

The Ann Kretizer Will Trust

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Embassy of France in South Africa

The Goldschmidt Family Foundation

The Harry and Bertha Tuch Charitable Trust

The Harry Crossley Foundation

The Kurt & Joey Strauss Foundation

The Peninsula Trust

The Resource Alliance

The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation

The Rubi & Anne Chaitman Foundation

The Stanley & Zea Lewis Family Foundation

Thea Bader

Thomas Ringle

Ticktin Timbers

Trevor Hansen

Trevor Norwitz

Truworths Community Foundation

V&A Waterfront Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Veronica De Bruyn

Veronique Susman

Victoria Goldberg

Vincent Hoogduyn

Warren and Susan Stern Family Fund

Western Cape Government: Department of Social Development

Young Presidents Organization Cape Town

Yvonne Ruiz

Zenprop Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd


In order to ensure continued stability and strength, Ikamva Labantu has recently established the Helen Lieberman Community Development Trust, an Endowment Fund that aims to create a self-funding model for the future. We have also launched a new Bequest Programme, offering friends and donors a new way to give that will ensure their legacy lives on for generations to come. Read more about leaving a bequest here.

We are fortunate that a large and diverse donor base supports Ikamva Labantu’s programmes and community service centres, which are well established within the communities we serve. With increased support, more children and elderly persons can benefit from strengthened programmes to meet the growing need for our services. With this in mind, our centres have been designed so that we have the infrastructure to expand our operations when the opportunity arises.


Ikamva Labantu prides itself on good governance and is grateful to everyone who takes the time to give their support in so many ways. We are grateful to our Board of Trustees and Protectors, made up of individuals who are dedicated to the causes and communities Ikamva Labantu is committed to. The Board of Trustees for Friends of Ikamva Labantu (FOIL) USA and UK are integral in supporting Ikamva Labantu’s international activities and we extend our gratitude to these dedicated individuals who indirectly serve our South African communities.

Board of Trustees

Board of Protectors

Board of Trustees (FOIL UK)

Noeleen Cohen (Chairperson)

Barbara Alikhani

Carl Snitcher

Board of Trustees (FOIL USA)

Trevor Norwitz (Chairperson)

Shannon Norwitz

Carla Stein

Nancy Muirhead

Judith Milne

Jeanette Kruger

Nadine Shaoul

Financial report

Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust

(NPO registration number 082-581)

PBO 930 034 425

B-BBEE Level 1

Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 28 February 2019

Statement of Financial Position as at 28 February 2019

Notes 2019 R 2018 R
Current Assets
Inventories 2 100,750
Trade and other receivables 3 1,584,521 2,921,790
Cash and cash equivalents 4 12,755,213 10,562,753
14,440,484 13,484,543
Non-Current Assets
Property, plant and equipment 5 7,693,016 7,190,591
Total Assets 22,133,500 20,675,134
Equity and Liabilities
Current Liabilities
Trade and other payables 6 1,336,183 907,967
Designated funds 4,210,536 8,147,182
General funds 16,586,781 11,619,985
20,797,317 19,767,167
Total Equity and Liabilities 22,133,500 20,675,134

Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 28 February 2019

Statement of Comprehensive Income for the year ended 28 February 2019

Notes 2019 R 2018 R
7 30,628,704 25,423,535
Cost of sales
- (21,608)
Gross surplus 30,628,704 25,401,927
Other income 8 997,175 984,493
Operating expenses 9 (31,368,736) (30,798,708)
Operating surplus (deficit) 257,143 (4,412,288)
Investment income 10 773,274 1,143,475
Finance costs 11 (267) (323)
Surplus (deficit) for the year 1,030,150 (3,269,136)
Total comprehensive surplus (deficit) for the year 1,030,150 (3,269,136)
Total comprehensive surplus (deficit) attributable to:
Designated Funds (3,936,646) (4,009,418)
General Funds 4,966,796 740,282
1,030,150 (3,269,136)